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Human Embryology and Teratology
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August 25, 2015: Version 3.2 runs on Windows 10 (64 Bit). However, animations only by an external media player.
August 16, 2015: Picture 14-8 changed; Atlas stage 11 is working again; animations: the last image will be shown for 5 seconds; download and install this version: Download
June 14, 2015: Version 3.2 runs on Windows 8.1 (64 Bit). Download

Human Embryology and Teratology - A concise course - Third edition - 5

Control buttons

Button returns to the beginning of the chapter and displays an overview of a developmental stage in the atlas.
Button Information Mode in the atlas: all known structures are named.
Button Test Mode in the atlas domain: a list of the structures within each image is given. Each structure within the image lights up. You can test your knowledge of structure names by left-clicking to display the corresponding list of structures. You then right-click to choose the correct structure name from the list. If you have chosen correctly, the structure is ticked off in the list and it is no longer lit up in the image. Click on "reset" to produce a new list of structures for the same image. Click on "solutions" for the answers, which appear in a window above the list of structures.
Button displays individual structure names within an image.
Button displays a list of all structure names within an image.
Button zeigt zusätzlich im Atlas eine Lupe.
Button provides a menu for accessing all parts of the program and for quitting the program (Alt-F4).
Button Left-click (PageUp, LeftCursor) to go back one page; right-click (Shift+PageUp, Shift + RightCursor) to return to the page you visited last.
Button Left-click to scroll down one page (PageDown, RightCursor); right-click to list all pages that you have visited (Shift+PageDown, Shift+RightCursor).

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